Estimates and invoices with dux-facti: A fast and easy billing solution for your business

Easy billing on iPhone iPad and Android

Dux-facti is ideal for small businesses, independent contractors, freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to send professional-looking estimates and invoices in seconds.

Customize your billing documents with your own logo, payment terms, and specific information. Change the colors, fonts, legends, etc.

Save time, transform your estimates into invoices and with recurring invoices, duplicate them.
$$ No monthly fees with Dux-facti, pay once then use forever! $$

The Dux-facti billing app is available on the AppStore for your iPhone and iPad…

… as well as on the playStore for your Android smartphone.

Invoicing software for iPhone iPad Android

Invoice list / dux-facti app

Invoice app for iOS, iPhone iPad and Android

Invoice example / dux-facti app

Create professional PDF estimates and invoices straight from your iPhone iPad and Android

Dashboard / dux-facti app

Main features

• Create estimates, invoices, credit notes in PDF, with previewing, printing and send via e-mail.
• Manage your company info, products, product families, customers, customer families and settings for your PDF documents. Import contacts into customer records.
• Totals and taxes (Three VAT rates) get calculated automatically.
• Manage discounts, convert estimates to invoices, manage down-payments.

and also …

• Dashboard with PDF reports and graphic representations of sales.
• No subscription required, no registration, unlimited creation of estimates and invoices in your device’s database. Mono-device app.
• Help is included with the get-started guide. Got questions? Dux-facti contains direct access to email support.

Example of invoice

Invoicing is tedious but necessary to get paid faster! Automate your invoicing process with Dux-facti so you can devote more time to clinch your sales.

Here is an example of the default invoice template that ship with Dux-facti. All columns can be renamed through the app. A logo has been put in place to show where yours can go. 

Invoice example with Dux-facti app for iOS on iPhone and iPad

Send your invoices per e-mail / dux-facti app

Add-ons (iOS only)

You can enhance Dux-facti with additional modules via in-app purchases:

Let your customers affix their signature directly on the estimates.
Integrate your sales conditions, catalogs, specifications, photos in Dux-facti.
Export for external backup of your databasea and PDF files.
Create your own photo-based catalogs in PDF and screen presentations.

Estimates and invoices with Dux-facti: the simple and fast billing solution on iPhone iPad and Android