Estimates and invoices with dux-facti: A fast and easy billing solution for your business

Estimates and invoices with dux-facti

A fast and easy billing solution for your business.

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dux-facti invoicing software for iPhone iPad Android

To effectively support your professional activity, our invoicing application is available on iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Android phones, and Chromebook laptops.


Main features

Create estimates, invoices, credit notes in PDF, with previewing, printing and send via e-mail.

Manage your company info, products, product families, customers, customer families and settings for your PDF documents. Import contacts into customer records.

Manage discounts, convert estimates to invoices, manage down-payments.

Totals and taxes (three VAT rates) get calculated automatically.

dux-facti invoice app for iOS, iPhone iPad macBook and Android

and also …

Dashboard with PDF reports and graphic representations of sales.

No registration or account required, unlimited creation of quotes and invoices in your device’s database.

Help is included with the get-started guide. Got questions? Dux-facti contains direct access to e-mail support.

No cash register function, ticket or payment. Single-company and mono-device app. No sync between devices.

dux-facti create professional PDF estimates and invoices straight from your iPhone iPad macBook and Android

Everything to make your billing a success

Easy handling

Complete help is available inside app, including first steps and familiarization. Direct access to e-mail support.

Personalized documents

Easy integration of your logo and specific mentions on estimates and invoices. Titles, font and colors are adaptable.


The native e-mail features of your device are used to ensure direct delivery without any intermediaries.

An app always available

Creation of estimates and invoices does not require an active internet connection.


Integration of contacts into client files, conversion of quotes into invoices, duplication of quotes and invoices.

External data

Import / export of customer and product sheets in CSV format. Backup and restore your database.​


Example of invoice

Invoicing is tedious but necessary to get paid faster! Automate your invoicing process with dux-facti so you can devote more time to clinch your sales.

Here is an example of the default invoice template that ship with dux-facti. All columns can be renamed through the app. A logo has been put in place to show where yours can go.

invoice example with Dux-facti app for iOS, macOS and Android

Add-ons (iOS / macOS only)

The application offers several specific modules, in addition to the standard invoicing functions:

Let your customers affix their signature directly on the estimates.

Integrate your sales conditions, catalogs, specifications, photos in dux-facti.

Export for external backup of your database and PDF files.

Create your own photo-based catalogs in PDF and screen presentations.


Even more good reasons why you should download dux-facti



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"Simple to use, efficient and easy to use application plus very responsive technical support in the event of a problem."
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AppStore, 02/2024

"For years, this great little application has served me well. It is even appreciated by banks and administrations. Thank you again dear sir I highly recommend."
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AppStore, 01/2024

"A very practical application, very well designed; everything has been thought of by its creator who is also very responsive to guide you in using the system."
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AppStore, 10/2023

"Very good application, I have been using it for eight years Ideal for a Self-Employed Entrepreneur."
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AppStore, 03/2023

"You know... I've tried quite a few, it takes time to manage the deposits, etc... But honestly, it's top-notch. For the price, there's no need to hesitate!!!"
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AppStore, 01/2023

Where can I download our invoicing app?
The dux-facti App is available to download from the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad and macBook (iOS 12.0 / macOS 10.15) as well as from the Google Play Store for Android devices (5.0 and higher).
download giga-cv on the App Store
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